Breathing exercises for COPD

Breathing Exercises
for COPD

Your doctor may assign certain breathing exercises for COPD as part of your treatment. If you’re interested in trying breathing exercises on your own, be sure to ask your doctor before you start.

The following videos illustrate 4 different types of exercises. After viewing them, download a pocket guide to discuss with your doctor and keep handy around the house.

Diaphragmatic Breathing for COPD

Diaphragmatic Breathing
Also called belly breathing, this technique uses your diaphragm to move air in and out of your lungs, which may make breathing easier. Download the pocket guide.

Pursed Lip Breathing for COPD

Pursed-lip Breathing
This technique can help when you’re feeling short of breath. Download the pocket guide.

Breathing Posture for COPD

Breathing Posture
This technique lets your diaphragm move more easily and may help when you’re short of breath. You can breathe like this when you’re sitting or standing. Download the pocket guide.

Controlled Coughing for COPD

Controlled Coughing
The following technique may help loosen mucus so you can clear your lungs and breathe easier. Download the pocket guide.