Catch your breath again; consider BROVANA

Why Consider BROVANA

Here are 3 reasons to talk to your doctor about including Nebulized BROVANA® (arformoterol tartrate) Inhalation Solution in your COPD treatment plan:

BROVANA is a medication you take daily

BROVANA is a maintenance medication that’s taken 2 times each day (morning and evening) to help keep COPD symptoms under control.

Brovana is a long lasting medication

BROVANA is a long-lasting medicine that has been shown to improve lung function for up to 12 hours at a time.

BROVANA is taken with a nebulizer

BROVANA is taken with a nebulizer— a device that converts the medicine into a fine, breathable mist.

Maintenance medications like BROVANA aren’t made for treating symptom flare-ups and shouldn’t be used when you need quick relief of your COPD symptoms. Treatment with BROVANA takes 5 to 10 minutes for administration, twice a day.

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Doctor Discussion Guide

Communicating with your doctor is key to managing COPD effectively. Create a discussion guide specific to your needs.

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