How can I help with my
loved one's treatment?

How can I help with my
loved one's treatment?

Encouraging communication
As a caregiver, it’s important to maintain a close relationship with your loved one’s doctor. You can encourage your loved one to communicate openly with the doctor, and you may wish to share your own observations about your loved one’s health.

Ask the doctor whether nebulized BROVANA® (arformoterol tartrate) Inhalation Solution could be appropriate for your loved one’s COPD treatment plan. Go to Why Consider BROVANA to learn more.

Assisting with treatment
If your loved one is already taking BROVANA, you may want to learn how to use a nebulizer so you can help when he or she needs it. Go to How to Use BROVANA for instructions on nebulizing.

You can also play a role in reminding your loved one to take his or her COPD medication as prescribed. Feeling better and simply forgetting are 2 common reasons patients with COPD fail to take their medicine.

COPD Treatment Reminder From Caregiver

Play a role in reminding your loved one to take his or her COPD medication as prescribed.

Keeping track of the details
Helping to organize your loved one’s health information is another important part of caring for someone with COPD. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep track of the details:

  • Get organized. Set up a file where you can keep all healthcare information together, like test results, pharmacy information, and insurance forms
  • Write it down. Keep a list of all medications your loved one is taking, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, as well as vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Keep informed. Ask your loved one about all their health conditions, and share this information with their healthcare providers
  • Ask questions. Write down specific questions to ask at your loved one's next doctor visit. Fill out the Doctor Discussion Guide to help facilitate your conversation
  • Be prepared. Keep emergency phone numbers on hand, including the hospital, ambulance, healthcare providers, and family or friends

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Plan Your Next Doctor's Visit

Answering these questions can help you and your doctor determine how well your COPD treatment plan is working.

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