Sunovion Answers is a support service that can answer your product and insurance questions about nebulized BROVANA, help you find a pharmacy, or connect you to a COPD advocacy group.

Call 1-844-276-8262, 8 am to 8 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

  • Product – Our specialists stand ready to answer your questions about BROVANA for your COPD
  • Insurance – Get answers to questions about your policy coverage and Medicare, and if needed, initiate prior authorization
  • Pharmacy Finder – Locate the nearest pharmacy that carries BROVANA, or if needed, find a home delivery option
  • Support – Get connected to a COPD support group or advocacy organization in your community or online

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Nebulizing With

Find step-by-step
instructions, patient
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A Clinically Proven*
COPD Treatment

Read about nebulized BROVANA®(arformoterol
tartrate) Inhalation Solution.


*BROVANA was evaluated in 2 clinical
studies with 1456 adults with COPD.